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Instuctor training and Certification

Alec Lazo
Date Published:
January 15, 2012

Become A Dance Teacher!

Ballroom dance instructors are in high demand. Earn up to $45 an hour teaching what you love.

Perhaps you've never danced a step in your life or have been taking classes just for fun. Now you're curious about the next step and are interested in becoming a dance teacher. Teaching dance is a career option for everyone, and Paramount Ballroom is the perfect place to start realizing your dream with our dance teacher education program.

Teaching Ballroom Dancing is one of the most fun and rewarding careers you can possibly have. As a dance instructor you will have the honor and privilege of helping to change people and change lives forever!

This is a REVOLUTIONARY dance teacher training program originally founded by the renowned teacher of teachers, Diane Jarmolow in Oakland, California. This fun, but rigorous system methodically takes you through SEVENTEEN dances of the Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) Bronze American Syllabus for Smooth, Rhythm, and Night Club dances.

This program is ideal for beginners and those who are already avid social dancers.

Learn in only 16 months what it could take years to learn in regular group classes and even private lessons. Some of the elements in this program are never taught in group classes at all.

This tuition based program consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter is four months long. There are innovative exercises, regular examinations, presentations, and supportive feedback. Classes meet for two hours twice a week.

Accelerated personal training programs are available...

For more information on this exciting career opportunity, call (561)832-2141.